23. Apr 2023

Coca-Cola to install 5MW Electrical Steam Boilers in Dongen

PARAT will deliver 2 x 2500kW Low Voltage Electrical Steam Boilers to the Dutch beverage factory, another step towards becoming completely CO2 neutral.

About 85% of the Coca-Cola beverages sold in the Netherlands, such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Fuze Tea, are manufactured in the Dongen factory. (Photos: Coca-Cola)

PARAT Halvorsen will deliver the 2 x 2500kW Quality IEL Electrical Steam Boilers to the Coca-Cola site in the Netherlands. The boilers will have 400V connections, a design pressure of 10 barg and a design temperature of 184°C. The delivery also includes a 5000ltr Degassing Tank, Blow Down Tank, Feedwater Pumps, Commissioning, Start-Up and Training of Personnel.

Each Boiler will have a flexible regulation area from 50 to 2500kW and will be up and running at the Coca-Cola site in the summer of 2023.

About the Coca-Cola Dongen factory
About 85% of the Coca-Cola beverages sold in the Netherlands, such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Fuze Tea, are manufactured in the Dongen factory. Coca-Cola in the Netherlands has announced that its Dongen site expects to be utterly CO2-neutral from 2023 onwards.

The plant expects to upgrade from gas boilers to entirely electrical heat pumps and transform the heating system from steam to hot water through an internal heat recovery network. To complete the transition from coal to green energy, the gas-powered shrink furnace will be replaced by electrical steam boilers by PARAT.

Coca-Cola is also beginning a partnership with Eneco to supply locally produced renewable electricity. The partnership with Eneco to generate local and sustainable energy is an important part of the transition to a carbon-neutral plant. The Dongen plant has been powered by renewable energy since 2010. It will supply renewable electricity from the new ‘de Wildert’ solar farm in 2022, which is being built around 300 meters from the factory. This energy will be complemented by a ‘de Spinder’ wind farm within 3.5 kilometres of the production site.

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