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Low Voltage Electrical Boiler


Low Voltage Electrical Boiler

If you choose an Electrical Boiler for Steam or Hot water from PARAT Halvorsen AS, you get the market's most modern Electrical boiler.

The benefits of electric boilers are many; energy price, no emissions, low noise in the boiler house, good regulation capabilities and low minimum load. The advantage of choosing a supplier that has an in-house developed boiler is that these can easily be adapted to detailed customer needs and ensure a smooth integration in any boiler house.

The electric boilers from PARAT are divided into two product groups, high voltage (IEH) and low voltage (IEL). Low voltage is normally supplied for 230V, 400V or 690V, while high voltage is normally supplied for 6kV - 24kV. Within our product range, we can supply boilers from 15 to 60,000kW.

Here are some of our latest Low Voltage Electrical Boiler references:

Tine Sømna

Tine Sømna, NO. Capacity: 3000kW. Steam: 184°C. Power: 690V. Pressure: 10 barg.

Nortura Sognadal

Nortura Sogndal, NO. Capacity: 2000kW. Steam: 151°C. Power: 690V. Pressure: 4 barg.

Skala AS

Skala AS, NO. Capacity: 1500kW. Hot Water: 130°C. Power: 690V. Pressure: 4 barg.

Varma & Velaverk ehf

Varma & Velaverk ehf, IS. Capacity: 1400kW. Steam: 191°C. Power: 690V. Pressure: 12 barg.

Graff Brygghus

Graff Brygghus, NO. Capacity: 300kW. Steam: 158°C. Power: 400V. Pressure: 5 barg.

Lofot Entreprenør

Lofot Entreprenør, NO. Capacity: 250kW. Steam: 158°C. Power: 400V. Pressure: 5 barg.

AF Energi

AF Energi, NO. Capacity: 750kW. Hot Water: 100°C. Power: 400V. Pressure: 8 barg.

Bakehuset Lillesand

Bakehuset Lillesand, NO. Capacity: 700kW. Steam: 184°C. Power: 400V. Pressure: 10 barg.

Røros Meieriet

Røros Meieriet, NO. Capacity: 1350kW. Steam: 184°C. Power: 690V. Pressure: 10 barg.


Justsen, NO. Capacity: 1000kW. Hot Water: 120°C. Power: 400V. Pressure: 6 barg.

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