Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The purpose of the privacy legislation is to ensure, among other things, that personally sensitive information is handled with integrity and confidentiality. PARAT undertakes to safeguard privacy in accordance with this legislation, both towards our employees and everyone with whom we collaborate and/or do business. Personal data shall only be processed in accordance with applicable requirements and regulations and shall only be processed for legitimate purposes.

The data controller within PARAT is PARAT Halvorsen AS.

The website is operated by PARAT Halvorsen AS and we are responsible for the processing of personal data generated through this website, as well as the processes further described in the privacy policy.

2. PARAT’s processing of personal data

2.1 General

PARAT processes personal data about its employees and any temporarily or permanently hired workforce who work on PARAT’s property or in PARAT’s systems. In addition, PARAT processes information about persons who are not engaged in the company in a work-related manner, for which this statement is primarily for.  

PARAT will always strive for proper processing of personal data, and will only use the data for legitimate purposes in accordance with current legislation. PARAT will therefore only process personal data where it is necessary for the company’s operation and business, to offer relevant services or after consent has been given. An actively given consent can be withdrawn at any time and you have the right to access your personal data, registered with PARAT, at any time. Processing of requests for access are processed with deadlines in accordance with current legislation.

For more information about the Data Protection Regulation, please visit

2.2 Other business-related relationships

In order for us to carry out the procurement of goods and services from suppliers and providers, as well as the purchase and sale of products and services, PARAT processes personal data that is necessary for, among other things, contract administration, delivery, warranty processing, and verification. This includes personal information. The processing of personal information in this context is to be able to fulfill agreements related to operation, management, and support to our customers, partners, and suppliers.

PARAT may disclose personal data to a third party for specific business purposes such as reorganization of the company, mergers, incorporations, or acquisitions, and/or to fulfill any legal obligations PARAT may be subject to.

2.3 The Transparency Act

In order to comply with our duty according to the Transparency Act, PARAT must process personal data belonging to those who request information. This will primarily be contact information, as well as information necessary to fulfill the request and our processing of the request. This data is processed on the basis of our obligation under the Transparency Act and to safeguard our legitimate interests.

2.4 Communication

PARAT communicates both externally and internally with general recipients and/or specific people and target groups. This can, for example, be press releases, newsletters, operation and optimization of owned digital channels, organization of events, carrying out surveys, and communication for marketing purposes such as social media. This data is processed on the legal basis of legitimate interest in obtaining the information, ensuring adequate dialogue with our suppliers and partners, as well as ensuring sufficient management and support for our customers, and/or with your consent.

2.5 Use of personal data in the recruitment process

By applying for a vacant position or presenting information about yourself as an interested party, PARAT processes your personal information for recruitment purposes. The legal basis for this processing is based on the necessity to carry out measures at your request before establishing an agreement, your consent to us keeping your resume, or fulfilling an agreement.

2.6 Preparedness and safety in projects and at the workplace

As an industrial and manufacturing company, our operation entails a certain level of risk. PARAT can process personal data concerning security measures. This can be measured for entry and access to systems, rooms, processes, and/or equipment. In PARAT’s building and associated areas, PARAT may run activity logs and/or monitoring for security reasons. This may entail both written information and surveillance video/images.

Processing of personal data may also be necessary for both national and international operations, with the intention of ensuring the necessary support for personnel and sufficient preparedness. This may include, among other things, contact information, full name, and next of kin. The purpose is to ensure the working environment of both the employee and others involved, as well as to fulfill legal obligations related to emergency preparedness. This form of processing is based on the legal basis; our legitimate interest in securing our employees, partners, and business, and any applicable legal requirements associated with this.

2.7 Sales and Purchasing

In order to carry out business-related trade activities, PARAT processes contact information and the content of contact for communications such as mail, instant messages, telephone conversations, documents, and agreements, with the intention of documenting trade and agreements. In addition, we process the necessary information to ensure compliance with statutory requirements for documentation and delivery of projects in accordance with the agreement.

2.8 Cookies and tracking on our website

We use cookies to operate our website and optimize for user experience. Read more about this in our Cookie Policy. You can also find a link to these policies at the bottom of our website.

3 Changes and adjustments to the policy

This policy may be changed without special notice unless the changes result in significant alterations to how we process your data. If there are significant changes that may affect your rights, the alterations will made available on our website, at We therefore encourage you to read this statement regularly.

This privacy policy was last updated: 14.03.2024

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