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High Voltage Electrode boiler for Steam and Hot water



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PARAT Electrode Boiler

PARAT Electrode Boiler

Increasing power generation from wind and solar systems have created a demand for fast frequency regulation of the electrical power grids. The PARAT electrode boiler can be used for primary regulation with less than 30 seconds response time from minimum to full load. 

Areas of use:

  • Steam and Hot water production when electricity is cheap
  • Grid regulation
  • Backup boiler with fast startup time
  • Load balancing in gas turbine systems
  • Extremely compact for large power loads

Here are some of our Electrode Boiler deliveries / references:


Viplast, NO. Capacity: 5MW. Steam: 195°C. Voltage: 22kV. Pressure: 13 barg.

Oksbøl Varmeværk

Oksbøl Varmeværk, DK. Capacity: 8MW. Hotwater: 110°C. Voltage: 10kV. Pressure: 6 barg. Read more

RWE Weisweiler

RWE Weisweiler, DE. Capacity: 31MW. Steam: 220°C. Voltage: 10kV. Pressure: 23 barg. Read more

RWE Niederaußem

RWE Niederaußem, DE. Capacity: 31MW. Steam: 212°C. Voltage: 10kV. Pressure: 19 barg. Read more

RWE Neurath

RWE Neurath, DE. Capacity: 31MW. Superheated Steam: 300°C. Voltage: 10kV. Pressure: 19 barg. Read more

Edvard Grieg

Edvard Grieg, NO. Capacity: 2x17MW. Hotwater: 220°C. Voltage: 11kV. Pressure: 20 barg. Read more

Billund Varmeværk

Billund Varmeværk, DK. Capacity: 15MW. Hotwater: 165°C. Voltage: 10kV. Pressure: 6.5 barg. Read more

Statkraft Dragvoll

Statkraft Dragvoll, NO. Capacity: 25MW. Hotwater: 190°C. Voltage: 11kV. Pressure: 16 barg. Read more

CHP Lida

CHP Lida, BY. Capacity: 10MW. Hotwater: 184°C. Voltage: 6.3kV. Pressure: 10 barg. Read more

Berezovskaya Gres

Berezovskaya Gres, BY. Capacity: 30MW. Hotwater: 176°C. Voltage: 10kV. Pressure: 8 barg. Read more


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