Cookie Policy

We use cookies on our websites. These guidelines explain how and why we use them.

Explanation of different types of cookies:


Necessary cookies enable system functions that are essential for page navigation, among other things. These are essential for the system to function, and therefore, you cannot opt out of these.


Statistics help us understand how visitors use our website by anonymously collecting and reporting traffic data. This helps make the site more relevant and the information more accurate.


For marketing purposes, cookies may be placed by third parties to track visitors across multiple websites. This is intended to provide relevant and engaging content and ads on other digital platforms. Please note that by not approving these, some parts of the website may not function optimally or as expected.

What information do we collect automatically – and what do we use this information for?

Pixels and cookies are information in the form of text files stored locally on your machine. These allow us to optimize the service in the areas you visit. They provide information on how you use our websites, which links you click on, and how far down the page you read. The purpose of this is to provide you with the best user experience possible on In relation to social media, these are used to offer interest-based ads.

We aim for relevance. We want to find out how interesting you find the content on our pages, as well as to:

  • Generate traffic and usage statistics, used to review over time
  • Create targeted advertising, through services like Facebook or similar, and in other possible applications

Cookies work so that our servers automatically receive information from your browser every time you click and request to see a new page. The different visits are stored, including time stamps, which page you visited before this one, and which page you are currently on.

It is important to mention that none of this information is used to identify you. Your statistics are collected along with everyone who visits our pages and is included in larger overall reports, where we see trends on a general basis. This way, we see what is most popular, where we lack information, and which information meets the readers' expectations.

Sharing of information

PARAT does not sell any of the information generated through the use of cookies. However, please note that in cases where you follow links from our site to external websites, you are outside of PARAT's control, and how privacy is practiced on these sites is beyond PARAT's responsibility and control.

Responsible unit

PARAT Halvorsen AS is the data controller for personal data submitted to this website. If you have any questions about our processing of personal data, you can see our privacy statement here.

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