PARAT to deliver six High-Pressure Electrode boilers to Melkøya


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13. Dec 2023

The Nordic energy company Fortum opten in for a double set of PARAT High Voltage Electrode Boilers

Earlier this year, the Nordic energy company Fortum announced that their Heating and Cooling business will start constructing a large heat pump plant as part of their Espoo Clean Heat programme in Finland. The programme is designed to drive decarbonization in three cities in the wider Helsinki metropolitan area. The goal is to produce district heating coal-free in 2025 and carbon neutrally before 2030.

PARAT to deliver six High-Pressure Electrode boilers to Melkøya

Illustrative picture by Ramboll. Fortum’s heat pump plant in Kirkkonummi will recycle heat from the ambient air and Microsoft’s data center as an important step in the Espoo Clean Heat transformation journey in Finland.  

Four Parat Boilers to complement Fortums sustainable heat sources

In accordance with the programme, a significant part of the carbon emission-free energy will be produced by recycling excess heat from Microsoft’s planned large-scale data centers in Espoo and Kirkkonummi. In addition, heat can be produced on the sites from the ambient air. The announced construction is a major step towards reaching this milestone.  

Complementing Fortum’s other sustainable heat sources, the heat from the data centers and air will be utilized efficiently with four 50 MW PARAT High Voltage Electrode Boilers placed at Kirkonummi and Espoo, both locations with a capacity of 2 x 50 MW. The boilers will make Fortum’s production on site more flexible. The heat from the data centers and air will be recycled using heat pumps to produce district heating water, which will then run through the boilers to meet the specifications of the district heating system. District heating is used for heating the various properties connected to the system in three cities’ area.  

Fortum is one of the cleanest energy producers in Europe with ambitious environmental targets guiding their actions. Fortum’s core operations in the Nordics comprise of efficient, CO2-free power generation as well as a reliable supply of electricity and district heat to private and business consumers.  

We’re humbled by the fact that PARAT will play such an important role in reaching Fortum’s goal of carbon-neutral district heating. We look forward to seeing Fortum reach its goals and inspiring others to follow their path.  

Project Specification:  


Equipment: High Voltage Electrode Boilers (2) 

Type: Hotwater 

Voltage: 20 kV 

Capacity: 2 x 50 MW



Equipment: High Voltage Electrode Boilers (2) 

Type: Hotwater 

Voltage: 20 kV 

Capacity: 2 x 50 MW


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